Behind (And Above & Around) Bars

Back to Hendon Leisure Centre with Jon for three more gymnastic apparatuses with the ever patient Adel. : parallel bars; asymmetric bars ; and the high bar.

We started with the parallel bars where, somewhat to our surprise, we actually made some reasonable progress ending with a routine that involved ‘walking’ down the bars, swinging, straddling and a sideways dismount.

The high bars and the asymmetric bars were less successful. The high (low?) light came when I tried to do a 360 degree turn on one of the asymmetric bars. I got exactly half way round and was hanging upside down when Adel realised he needed to come to my rescue. Unfortunately, in the intervening period, gravity had taken control and the male parts of my anatomy were between my body and the bar. Adel’s subsequent push to pivot me round the bar was fairly agonising…

The real highlight of the day came when Adel – who was the North African vaulting champion – performed a vault for us. Fantastic to see it live and up close – definitely worth watching the video below!

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