UK Run 4 : Swansea (Abertawe)

rtw swansea 4

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Date : 1st August, 2018

Time : 57’ 46”

Number of runners (total to date) : 16  (2390)

Total distance run to date : 1480 km internationally + 40km in the UK

Run map and details :

Media :

“Just put a bit of your poo in the pot!”

And who were we to argue with these wise words? Especially as the advice was being given by Sian, a CRUK senior research nurse.

Just to be clear, Sian wasn’t suggesting that potted poo is the cure for cancer. She was referring to a colorectal cancer programme in Wales that’s sending a kit to everyone over a certain age. All you’ve got to do is put a little of your poo in the pot, send it back, and you’ll get a free colorectal cancer test. Not everyone is taking advantage of this and Sian was making the point that we should all take every opportunity to get tested for cancer.

Because if you’re going to get cancer – and half of us are – then you really, really, really want to catch it early.

Simon, who ran with me in Swansea, gave me permission to share his sister’s story. She had a melanoma (skin cancer that can spread) on her thigh. It didn’t get spotted early enough and she died. Aged 42.

Simon was happy for me to tell the story in the hope that it might do some good. So please, please be vigilant. And listen to people like Sian when they tell you to get checked. (Regular readers may recall that, last year, I had a melanoma on my face. I couldn’t see it, and would have ignored it in any event, had my wife not insisted I go to the doctor.)

rtw swansea 1

Back to the run which was again, after Cardiff, organised immaculately by Adam from Run Wales.

For those who aren’t familiar with Swansea (I wasn’t), its set on a massive bay – and beach – that runs from Port Talbot to the famous Mumbles.

Here’s Sian’s commentary on it – including all the celebrities who hail from the area.

The promenade along the bay is a great place to run – so that’s what we did. 5km west from the 360 water sport centre

rtw swansea 5

and then back again.

rtw swansea 8

We discussed everything from cancer to whether cats purr when they’re in pain to how friendly and welcoming runners are all around the world. A truly excellent run.

rtw swansea 7

It just remains for me to say a massive thank you to my fellow runners for the company and the donations, to Adam for organising the run, and to Sian and Nia for joining us and talking about cancer and what we can do to protect ourselves and our loved ones.

rtw swansea 11

And, since we’re on the subject, here are Run the World’s top three (non-medical!) tips for fighting cancer:

  1. Donate to Cancer Research 
  2. Live an active, healthy lifestyle. (Cancer Research estimates that 40% of cancers are avoidable with the right lifestyle.)
  3. Be vigilant and put a bit of your poo in the pot!

Finally, if you’re reading this in Wales, then check out the Run Wales website which has all the information you need to start / continue/ improve / enjoy your running!

If you’d like to help fight cancer then I and, far more importantly, cancer sufferers around the world, would be immensely grateful for any donations to Cancer Research :

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About Run the World

I'm running 10 km in every country in the world - a total of 205 countries - by the 2020 Olympics in Tokyo. I'm doing the Run the World challenge to promote the benefits of sport and physical activity and to raise money for cancer research following the death of my mother from cancer. If you'd like to donate to Cancer Research - - then I know they'd be very grateful.
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