UK Run 8 : Godalming

rtw godalming 1

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Date : 17th January, 2019

Time : 1h 10”

Number of runners (total to date) : 50 (3256)

Total distance run to date : 1610 km + 80 km in the UK

Run map and details :

Media :

Can you combine Kabul, Tehran and Islamabad in one trip? And what about Kiribati, Nauru, Tonga, Samoa, US Samoa, Fiji, Cook Islands, New Zealand and Tuvalu? Are there scheduled flights into Libya? And do I really have to include every country from the last ten years on my Russian visa application?!?

These, and many more questions, needed to be discussed with Luke ‘the ever patient travel agent’ Fenn – who happens to work for Trailfinders on Guildford High Street. I also need a will and my bank recommended Stevens & Bolton – whose offices are a few hundred metres away from Trailfinders.

A trip to Guildford was therefore obviously in order. And, these days, when I go somewhere, I also try to run there. So we got in touch with Neil Boosey, Chairman of the Waverley Harriers Racing Club which is based in Godalming.

rtw godalming 3

It then transpired that Luke, who lives in Godalming, had previously run with the Waverley Harriers. And that Harriet Irving, who works at Stevens & Bolton, is the club’s Senior Team Captain.

rtw godalming 2

To use a cliché, it’s a small world. (Though I can promise you it doesn’t feel small when you’re ‘island hopping’ in the Pacific…)

We all – there were about 50 of us including Luke, Neil and Harriet – met at the Wilfrid Noyce community centre in Godalming on a distinctly chilly evening. After a few words from Neil, Harriet and myself, and a group photo or two, we set off.

I wish I could tell you all about the route but, frankly, it was a dark night and I didn’t have clue where I was.

What I can tell you, based on my conversation with various runners, is that :

  • The club has c 200 members and accommodates everyone from ‘Couch to 5kers’ to social runners to racers to ultra-runners
  • Club members really enjoy both the running and the social side of the club
  • It was cold!

We ran at a decent pace, stopping every so often to concertina the group and make sure we didn’t lose anyone along the way. (The time above doesn’t reflect the pace because I don’t usually pause my Garmin at stops – having learnt from bitter experience that I often forget to click on ‘resume’ after a stop. Meaning that I then I have to run extra meters so that the Garmin – which is my ‘proof’ that I’ve completed 10 km in each country – shows the correct distance.)

Eventually we made our way back to the Wilfrid Noyce centre for a few final photos and a somewhat prolonged effort to get back into my car due to a frozen car fob & fingers.

It just remains for me to say a huge thank you to Neil, Harriet, Luke the Waverley Harrier, Dave and all my fellow runners for the support, the welcome, the company and the donations. And, of course and as always, a special thank you to Luke – the best travel agent I’ve ever worked with. Next time you put me on yet another a flight at 3 am in the morning, please bear in mind that I often have to do 7 of these runs in a week!

rtw godalming 4

Finally, if any of you can make it, then I’d love to see you in London on July 4th 2020 for the UK, and final, leg of Run the World!

If you’d like to help fight cancer then I and, far more importantly, cancer sufferers around the world, would be immensely grateful for any donations to Cancer Research :

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About Run the World

I'm running 10 km in every country in the world - a total of 205 countries - by the 2020 Olympics in Tokyo. I'm doing the Run the World challenge to promote the benefits of sport and physical activity and to raise money for cancer research following the death of my mother from cancer. If you'd like to donate to Cancer Research - - then I know they'd be very grateful.
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2 Responses to UK Run 8 : Godalming

  1. DA M says:


    Hi. I’m really impressed by your perseverance in this fantastic initiative and will put a donation on your website later this week. I used to play footie with you in Teddy Hall seconds and have since uni run pretty seriously up to my 60s. Weird to think I’m in that decade. So appreciate the physical challenge of the running involved in this let alone the tiring travel and logistics of the venture. So sorry to hear of your own cancer and hope that prognosis is good. It was awful to hear of the loss of that tenacious little footballer and all round good guy Howard Orme last year

    Got to meet up with a few old mates at last year’s 40th Anniv reunion but not bumped into many Aularians since I left though did see (Professor) Genevieve Warwick through a work coincidence a few years ago.

    It would be great to meet for your final run in 2020 if you let me know where it is and if I’m fit then (currently have a pelvis problem) or if you are running in or near York at any time before this do get in touch

    All the very best on such a fabulous venture. And Floreat Aula or whatever they used to say

    Dave Muckersie

    • Dave,
      Very good to hear from you and thank you for the kind words. Tbh I do find all the travel and running a little gruelling at times but, as you’ve no doubt found with your own running, it can be its own reward.

      Shocking to think that we’re at our 40 anniversary (mine’s in September) and,as you say, shocking news re Howard.

      I very much hope you will be able to join the final run on July 4th 2020 – it will likely be on Hampstead Heath – and thank you very much in advance if you do decide to donate!

      All the best and, yes, Floreat Aula


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