London Run 14 : Hammersmith & Fulham with We Are Runners

RTW H & F 1 (2)

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Date : 13th  November, 2019

Time : 58’ 36”

Number of runners (total to date) : 18 (6604)

Run map and details :

When I started out on the London Borough Challenge* addition to my Run the World challenge, I had mixed feelings. I thought it might be interesting to see more of London but my body wasn’t keen on the thought of yet more runs. What I hadn’t factored into the equation was all the brilliant people and groups I’d meet along the way.

Take Hannah for example. She and best friend Emily set up Twice The Health where, as their website puts it better than I could :

“We follow one mantra, which tends to coincide with everything we do from lunch to lunges… to ‘make health our happiness’. For us that’s mad running adventures, and exploring the ever growing food industry with preference always being on dessert. Of course, we’re always together and always wearing the exact same outfit from top to bottom!

We want to inspire YOU to create your own adventures, and challenge your own bodies however that may be!”

Twice the Health have a running club – ‘We Are Runners’ – which meets at various venues around the country on various nights of the week. On Wednesday evenings the club meets at lululemon at Westfield White City – it almost goes without saying that Hannah and Emily are lululemon ambassadors – and so that’s where I met them. (How come I’m not an ambassador for some sports gear brand?!? I know I always run in grubby old Run the World t shirts and too short track suit bottoms but I’m sure I’d scrub up quite nicely in some decent kit…)

As the club run was 6 km, Hannah and I met up beforehand for a 4 km pre-run and chat re Twice the Health. (I’m always fascinated by healthy living brands / businesses that are also scalable.)

We then returned to lululemon and met up with the rest of the group up which included Asem – a Saudi Arabia journalist who is now helping me with my upcoming run in Riyadh (5th December – my birthday – if you happen to be in the area) and Ellie who’s ‘leaving do run’ it was.

RTW H & F 2

We ran round various parts of Shepherds Bush and Holland Park before returning to lululemon for the now traditional end of run plank.

RTW H & F 3 (2)

Two of them in fact.

RTW H & F 4

It was a great run and I’m hoping to join you all again in Richmond as I continue with the London Borough Challenge – I can honestly say I now look forward to the runs!

It just remains for me to say a huge thank you to Hannah, Asem, Ellie, Laura and everyone at We Are Runners for the warm welcome!

I’d love it if you stayed involved with Run the World – either via social media (links below) or by joining in the UK, and final, leg of Run the World on Hampstead Heath on 4th July 2020!

If you’d like to help fight cancer then I and, far more importantly, cancer sufferers around the world, would be immensely grateful for any donations to Cancer Research :

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*In addition to completing a 10km run in all 206 countries in the world, I’m also doing 44 runs in the UK. Taking the global total to 250 runs.

Why? Because 250 runs is equivalent to running 2 500 000 metres. Which is a metre for every one of the two and a half million cancer sufferers in the UK.

All well and good but the question we asked ourselves at Run the World HQ is : where should those 44 UK runs take place? And part of the answer – three-quarters to be exact – is that 33 of them will take place in London. One in each of the 32 London boroughs plus one in the City of London.

We’re calling this the ‘London Borough Challenge’ and we’re really hoping that everyone will take part in some – or all – of the LBC!

About Run the World

I'm running 10 km in every country in the world - a total of 205 countries - by the 2020 Olympics in Tokyo. I'm doing the Run the World challenge to promote the benefits of sport and physical activity and to raise money for cancer research following the death of my mother from cancer. If you'd like to donate to Cancer Research - - then I know they'd be very grateful.
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