About Dan’s Challenge

About My Challenge

In 2010, I took on a challenge to complete every different Olympic and Paralympic sport and the blog I wrote at the time is set out below.

in 2013, I started a new challenge – to run 10 km in every country in the world. The relevant blog can be found here: https://dansgoldchallenge.wordpress.com/2013/09/30/run-the-world-how-it-all-began

About My Olympic / Paralympic Challenge

As the CEO of Gold Challenge, its now time to take on my own personal challenge. After much thought (and trepidation!) I’ve decided to do every Olympic Event…and all the individual Paralympic events that don’t have Olympic counterparts. I will also be fundraising for NSPCC, Cancer Research UK, Oxfam, Right To Play and Scope so please show your support for this terrifying effort and sponsor my challenge at http://uk.virginmoneygiving.com/DansGoldChallenge

You can also follow my challenge on Facebook, Twitter and YouTube.

Thank you.

How It Works

The challenge sounds simple (if daunting) : complete every Olympic and Paralympic event before the start of the Games in 2012.

But what exactly does that mean in terms of the events to be done ? And how did we conclude that there were 110 events to do in total ?

In order to decide all of this, we needed to agree a basic principle and a set of accompanying ‘rules’.  The basic principle we adopted was that I should do every event that a single person could (legally) do in theUK.

The more detailed ‘rules’ we came up with, were as follows:

  1. It doesn’t make any difference whether the event in question is male only, female only or done by both genders at the Olympics / Paralympics. They all have to be done. (So, yes, synchronised swimming and rhythmic gymnastics are part of the challenge.)
  2. If an event takes place at both the Olympics and the Paralympics, then the event only has to be done once.
  3. If there are separate – but very similar – male and female versions of an event, then only the longer / harder version of the event should be done. (For example, the men run a 110m hurdles race and the women run a 100m hurdles race. In this case, just the 110m hurdles race has to be completed.)
  4. If there are both individual events and team events in the same sport, then only the individual events should be done. (For example, rowing is to be done as single sculls rather than as part of a pair, a four or an eight.)
  5. For the avoidance of doubt, team sports – where there are no individual events – must also be completed. (For example, football, hockey, handball, volleyball etc.)
  6. Where there are multiple events in one sport based on weight categories, then only the relevant weight category per sport needs to be done. (Weightlifting and the combat sports are divided into several events based on weight categories – but clearly a single person can only do one of the weight categories. You can’t be both a heavyweight and a flyweight!)
  7. Events that are illegal in theUKaren’t part of the challenge. (There are two pistol shooting events at the Olympics which can’t be done because it’s illegal to shoot a pistol in theUK.)

We then applied these rules to the full list of Olympic and Paralympic events and came up with the result that there 109 events to be done.  For anyone’s who interested, I’ve included a full list of the events below – the ones in red denote events I’m not doing.

And if you don’t agree with the rules, then please leave a comment or email us at info@goldchallenge.org with Dan’s Gold Challenge Rules in the subject field!

Sport Events
Archery 70m Team
Archery 70m
Athletics (Track) 100m
Athletics (Track) 100m hurdles
Athletics (Track) 110m hurdles
Athletics (Track) 200m
Athletics (Track) 400m
Athletics (Track) 400m hurdles
Athletics (Track) 800m
Athletics (Track) 1500m
Athletics (Track)  4x100m relay
Athletics (Track)  4x400m relay
Athletics (Track & Field) Decathlon
Athletics (Track & Field) Heptathlon
Athletics (Distance) 3000m steeplechase
Athletics (Distance) 5000m
Athletics (Distance) 10000m
Athletics (Distance) 20km walk
Athletics (Distance) Half marathon
Athletics (Distance) Marathon
Athletics (Distance) 50km walk
Athletics (Field) Discus
Athletics (Field) Hammer
Athletics (Field) High jump
Athletics (Field) Javelin
Athletics (Field) Long jump
Athletics (Field) Pole vault
Athletics (Field) Shot put
Athletics (Field) Triple jump
Badminton Doubles
Badminton Singles
Basketball Team
Boxing  – 48kg (light-flyweight)
Boxing  + 91kg (super heavyweight)
Boxing  48 – 51kg (flyweight)
Boxing  51 – 54kg (bantamweight)
Boxing  54 – 57kg (featherweight)
Boxing  57 – 60kg (lightweight)
Boxing  60 – 64kg  (light welterweight)
Boxing  64 – 69kg  (welterweight)
Boxing  69 – 75kg  (middleweight)
Boxing  75 – 81kg (light-heavyweight)
Boxing  81 – 91kg (heavyweight)
Boxing  48 – 51kg (flyweight)
Boxing  56 – 60kg (lightweight)
Boxing  69 – 75kg (middleweight)
Canoe/Kayak  Slalom C-1 (canoe single)
Canoe/Kayak  Slalom C-2 (canoe double)
Canoe/Kayak  Slalom K-1 (kayak single)
Canoe/Kayak  Flatwater C-1 1000m (canoe single)
Canoe/Kayak  Flatwater C-1 500m (canoe single)
Canoe/Kayak  Flatwater C-2 1000m (canoe double)
Canoe/Kayak Flatwater C-2 500m (canoe double)
Canoe/Kayak Flatwater K-1 1000m (kayak single)
Canoe/Kayak Flatwater K-1 500m (kayak single)
Canoe/Kayak Flatwater K-2 1000m (kayak double)
Canoe/Kayak Flatwater K-2 500m (kayak double)
Canoe/Kayak Flatwater K-4 1000m (kayak four)
Canoe/Kayak Flatwater K-4 500m (kayak four)
Canoe/Kayak  200m Sprint Canoe
Canoe/Kayak  200m Sprint Kayak
Cycling BMX
Cycling Mountain Bike (Cross Country)
Cycling Individual Road Race
Cycling Individual Time Trial
Cycling Track Keirin
Cycling Track Olympic Sprint
Cycling Track Sprint
Cycling Track Omnium
Cycling Track Team Pursuit (4000m)
Diving  10m platform
Diving  3m springboard
Diving  Synchronized diving 10m platform
Diving  Synchronized diving 3m springboard
Equestrian Dressage – Individual
Equestrian Dressage – Team
Equestrian Eventing – Individual
Equestrian Eventing – Team
Equestrian Jumping – Individual
Equestrian Jumping – Team
Fencing  Epée Individual
Fencing  Epée Team
Fencing  Foil Individual
Fencing  Sabre Individual
Fencing  Sabre Team
Football Team
Gymnastics  Floor Exercises
Gymnastics  Horizontal Bar
Gymnastics  Individual All-Round
Gymnastics  Parallel Bars
Gymnastics  Pommel Horse
Gymnastics  Rings
Gymnastics  Team Competition
Gymnastics  Vault
Gymnastics  Balance Beam
Gymnastics  Uneven Bars
Gymnastics Rhythmic Gymnastics Team
Gymnastics Rhythmic Gymnastics Individual
Gymnastics Trampoline
Handball Team
Hockey Team
Judo  – 60 kg
Judo  60 – 66kg (half-lightweight)
Judo  66 – 73kg (lightweight)
Judo  73 – 81kg (half-middleweight)
Judo  81 – 90kg (middleweight)
Judo  90 – 100kg (half-heavyweight)
Judo  + 100kg (heavyweight)
Judo  – 48kg (extra-lightweight)
Judo  48 – 52kg (half-lightweight)
Judo  52 – 57kg (lightweight)
Judo  57 – 63kg (half-middleweight)
Judo  63 – 70kg (middleweight)
Judo  70 – 78kg (half-heavyweight)
Judo  + 78kg (heavyweight)
Modern Pentathlon  Individual competition
Rowing  Coxless pair (2-)
Rowing  Double sculls (2x)
Rowing  Eight with coxswain (8+)
Rowing  Four without coxswain (4-)
Rowing  Lightweight coxless four (4-)
Rowing  Lightweight double sculls (2x)
Rowing  Quadruple sculls without coxsw
Rowing  Single sculls (1x)
Sailing  470 – ‘s T Person Dinghy
Sailing  Laser One Person Dinghy
Sailing  RS:X Windsurfer
Sailing  Star Keelboat
Sailing  Yngling Keelboat
Sailing  49er – Skiff
Sailing  Finn – Heavyweight Dinghy
Sailing  Tornado – Multihull
Shooting  10m air pistol (60 shots)
Shooting  10m air rifle (60 shots)
Shooting  25m rapid fire pistol (60 shots)
Shooting  50m pistol (60 shots)
Shooting  50m rifle 3 positions (3×40 shots)
Shooting  50m rifle prone (60 shots)
Shooting  double trap (150 targets)
Shooting  skeet (125 targets)
Shooting  trap (125 targets)
Shooting  10m air pistol (40 shots)
Shooting  10m air rifle (40 shots)
Shooting  25m pistol (30+30 shots)
Shooting  50m rifle 3 positions (3×20 shots)
Shooting  skeet (75 targets)
Shooting  trap (75 targets)
Swimming  100m backstroke
Swimming  100m breaststroke
Swimming  100m butterfly
Swimming  100m freestyle
Swimming  1500m freestyle
Swimming  200m backstroke
Swimming  200m breaststroke
Swimming  200m butterfly
Swimming  200m freestyle
Swimming  200m individual medley
Swimming  400m freestyle
Swimming  400m individual medley
Swimming  4x100m freestyle relay
Swimming  4x100m medley relay
Swimming  4x200m freestyle relay
Swimming  50m freestyle
Swimming  Marathon10km
Swimming  800m freestyle
Swimming Synchronised Swimming Duet
Swimming Synchronised Swimming Team
Taekwondo  – 58 kg
Taekwondo  58 – 68 kg
Taekwondo  68 – 80 kg
Taekwondo  + 80 kg
Taekwondo  – 49 kg
Taekwondo  49 – 57 kg
Taekwondo  57 – 67 kg
Taekwondo  + 67 kg
Table Tennis Singles
Table Tennis Doubles
Tennis  Doubles
Tennis  Singles
Triathlon  Individual (1500m swim ; 40km bike ; 10km run)
Triathlon Sprint (750m swim ; 20km bike ; 5km run)
Volleyball Team
Volleyball Beach volleyball
Water Polo  Water Polo
Weightlifting  56kg
Weightlifting  62kg
Weightlifting  69kg
Weightlifting  77kg
Weightlifting  85kg
Weightlifting  94kg
Weightlifting  105kg
Weightlifting  + 105kg
Weightlifting  48kg
Weightlifting  53kg
Weightlifting  58kg
Weightlifting  63kg
Weightlifting  69kg
Weightlifting  75kg
Weightlifting  + 75kg
Wrestling Freestyle – 55kg
Wrestling Freestyle 55 – 60kg
Wrestling Freestyle 60 – 66kg
Wrestling Freestyle 66 – 74kg
Wrestling Freestyle 74 – 84kg
Wrestling Freestyle 84 – 96kg
Wrestling Freestyle 96 – 120kg
Wrestling Freestyle – 48kg
Wrestling Freestyle 48 – 55kg
Wrestling Freestyle 55 – 63kg
Wrestling Freestyle 63 – 72kg
Wrestling Greco Roman – 55kg
Wrestling Greco Roman 55 – 60kg
Wrestling Greco Roman 60 – 66kg
Wrestling Greco Roman 66 – 74kg
Wrestling Greco Roman 74 – 84kg
Wrestling Greco Roman 84 – 96kg
Wrestling Greco Roman 96 – 120kg
Paralympic Events  Events that aren’t in the Olympics
Athletics (Field) Club Throw
Athletics (Track) Wheelchair 400m
Boccia Team
Goal Ball Team
Football (V.I) Team
Wheelchair Basketball Team
WheelchairRugby Team

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  1. Naomi Pullin says:

    Hi Dan,

    I am working for Cancer Research UK and was wondering if I could send you an email about a project I am doing and your story as a supporter of our charity. Is there any way I could contact you?


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